Business and Commercial Solicitor and Legal Services

Commercial clients of all types and sizes are now far more clued up about lawyers and law firms due to the internet. Rightly so, we know that you will almost certainly spend time researching and getting a feel for who are the right lawyers for your business. Find out more below about us and our approach.

Whilst as a firm we do have a number of very large corporate clients, the majority of our clients are small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. Clients will ultimately tend to choose a business firm based on instructing an individual lawyer, but it’s important to also understand the firm.

An ideal size firm to handle a wide range of business legal issues

As a firm, we are an ideal size for most business clients – we have a team of experienced specialist solicitors, so have the ability to advise on the different issues your business may face, whether commercial, corporate law or transactional, employment law, commercial property or commercial disputes. As a firm we also offer the reassurance of specialist accreditations which differentiate us from many other smaller law firms.

Sensible fee levels based on understanding value and long term relationships

Lawyers and legal advice aren’t cheap but we offer a value proposition whereby the advice, specialism and degree of experience business clients receive represents business sense and value, especially when compared to the chargeable rates of the so-called “Magic Circle” law firms.

In terms of locations, we are ideally suited to advise clients throughout the London area, with an office in Central London and a number of offices close to West London in the Middlesex and Bucks region.

A modern, solution based approach – it’s not about law it’s about your business

The world, and business, is changing fast. We know that many clients are now wary of instructing lawyers who seem to be out of touch or slow to adapt. Will such lawyers understand the changing business landscape let alone the legal issues? Before speaking to us you will want to have a good look at this website and our social media presence. You will see that we are progressive and dynamic, reflecting our approach to legal advice. You will also find that we are experienced in the types of issues now arising due to the digital revolution, whether protecting digital or other intellectual property assets, IP contracts, social media risks and risks of trading online.

Put us to the test

Personal recommendations are still an important way in which business solicitors and solicitors of all types receive instructions. The best way to make your decision, however, is to get in touch and if you get a good feel for the lawyer you meet or speak to on the phone.

We suggest you ask specifically about your requirements, your industry and our specific experience of the type of legal advice or service you need. That is the ultimate test of whether you should instruct us – it is the value of our advice and experience in what you need, rather than general legal qualifications or experience, that you will be paying for.

Take advantage of 40 years legal and business experience

We would be delighted to discuss any commercial or business law issues, contracts or advice you may need. Please do get in touch with John.


John Clement


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